SLANDER Releases New Single ‘Never Give Up on You’

SLANDER has unveiled his latest banger, ‘Never Give Up On You’. It is a collaborative, dreamy track alongside Synymata and the beautiful vocals of Elle Vee. The track brings out motivational, supportive lyrics from Elle Vee that accompanied the piano tunes of the intro. Those tunes then brought out rising melodies, which then amplified the vocals and they later transformed into outstanding cinematic drops. In the end, SLANDER, Synymata, and Elle Vee toned down the melodies and the bass of ‘Never Give Up On You’ while ending the track on a fine note.

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: SLANDER MUSIC

‘Never Give Up On You’ is SLANDER and Synymata’s first collaborative track since ‘When I’m With You’

‘Never Give Up On You’ marked the first collaborative track between SLANDER and Synymata since ‘When I’m With You’. The melodic and future bass artists had produced and released ‘When I’m With You’, featuring neverwaves, back in 2021. That track, just like ‘Never Give Up On You’, filled the air with awesome melodic bass drops and lovely, emotional vocals. Listen to ‘Never Give Up on You’ now via Spotify by clicking ‘Play’ above. Particularly with Elle Vee providing the fantastic vocals, the song will surely inspire anyone who listens to the track to keep on fulfilling their aspirations and exceeding their goals.

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