SIDEPIECE & Lee Foss – 1, 2 Step

SIDEPIECE are getting back to their groove with a new collaboration with Lee Foss. This is the first time these artists are coming together. Although, Lee Foss has done a remix for SIDEPIECE’s track ‘Temptation.’ Their new track together ‘1,2 Step’ will take you right back to the 2000s era but of course with a Tech House spin.

R&B vocals just have such a way of working with Tech House. The original track by Ciara of course was a pop hit. SIDEPIECE & Lee Foss get tension building right from the beginning with “1, 2 Step” teasing us. We await “this beat is automatic” which of course comes right before the groovy Sub heavy drop.

‘1,2 Step’ is funky fresh and ready to tear up any club. Energy does not cool off as a 16-bar 2nd build comes right away into Drop 2. This one has even more scintillating synths. The track is a really solid take on the original and we know it will work just about anywhere.

This is SIDEPIECE’s 3rd release this year. ‘Sextacy’ and ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ got our feet moving. They are also currently on your which you can check out here. This is Lee Foss’s first release of 2022. He of course had a ridiculous remix with Joshwa of ‘My Humps’ last year.

Make sure to check out ‘1,2 Step’ below!

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