Si-Blyur released an unique techno gem “Basilisk”!

Today i am excited to bring you a fresh sound with an unique vibe, produced by Si-Blyur, called “Basilisk”, released just a few days ago.

With it’s beautiful progressive synth lines and a mesmerizing atmosphere and groove, the tune right here is one of those tracks which tell a story and take the listener on a journey throughout it. The track has a great deal of variety with different basslines, pluck melodies and synth pads but at the same time manages to stay cohesive and have a powerful unique atmosphere attached to it.

While transitions between sections are smooth and give the track an excellent flow, thanks to the great filtering and sweeps used by the producer , the energy is also solid and the tune has a good groove and drive with the great choice of percussion and the beat and bass playing alongside each other to create said groove. Definitely a techno tune you shouldn’t miss out on, go check it out for yourself now!

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