Sebastien Ingrosso Teases SHM Plans to Unleash ‘Frankenstein’

Frankenstein is out of the box – literally! Swedish House Mafia front man Sebastian Ingrosso has teased that the track would finally see the light of day. This collaboration with A$AP Rocky made headlines in 2019 through similar Instagram stories by Steve Angello & Ingrosso himself. However, the initial fizz faded out till being recently re-kindled again.

Rocky saw support from Ingrosso after his arrest in Stockholm in 2019 following a street brawl. This was through the #FreeRocky campaign that was subsequently launched post the detention. Ingrosso took the opportunity through his Instagram story, once again, to support the cause. Such a scenario ruled out the possibility of the track getting shelved despite the long wait time it was associated with.

Now that a fresh glimpse was provided, it is safe to assume that ‘Frankensten’ would become one of the recent additions from the SHM stable. A release success might also underline the Swedish icons’ ability to transition through genres seamlessly. Here might be an initial glimpse of the likely track by a SoundCloud user through his edit:

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