Sakuranomori Dreamers — On Sale Now!

From the creators of Princess Evangile and Imouto Paradise, MOONSTONE’s Sakuranomori Dreamers is now available on!

Fukigami Shinji had been seeing ghosts ever since he was a child. One day, he spots the ghost of a classmate. It wasn’t someone he ever talked to, but he remembered her face.

How did she die? What happened to her? Not all ghosts can speak, but there were other ways to communicate what had happened.

Murdered by a monster clad in human skin.

Shinji’s investigation into the murder of a girl whose name he barely knew, leads him to a dark truth about the many incidents that have been plaguing his hometown of Sakuranomori. And so, with them being the only ones that can stop the spiral of tragedies, Shinji and his friends willingly step into a world of mystery and terror, of madmen and the monsters that control them.

Their battlefield is dreams. For that is where the monsters lurk–where the bodachs feed upon the human soul.

For the sake of their city and the people they love, Sakuranomori Dreamers set out for battle.

Features & Specs

  • Developer: MOONSTONE
  • Content: Adult, uncensored
  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Voice: Fully-voiced!
  • Genre: Horror, action, battle

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