REPORT: Snapchat Ads Are About To Get Way More Annoying

Per  Snapchat may start to integrate more advertisements within their platform.

The platform’s ad sales team is currently pressuring top executives to go this route which they hope will convince advertisers to up their ad spends on the platform. The company has been notoriously shy about tapping into the advertising market in the past, but considering the rocky financial year that Snap Inc. just had, it certainly fits the timeline.

The new ads will follow a ‘YouTube-style’ format forcing users to watch three seconds before allowing them to hit the skip button. As it stands at the moment, the current videos within Snapchat are skipped by users in under a second, forcing the users to watch at least a portion would help to allete that problem advertisers.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has previously spoken out against advertising, calling it “annoying” and “creepy.” This new plan would represent a stark about-face in terms company policy and direction.




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