REPORT: Republic Records President Accused of Sexual Misconduct

 President Charlie Walk has been accused sexual misconduct…

In an open letter, former music industry executive Tristan Coopersmith reveals he made her feel like a “unicorn” in the workplace only to manipulate her into playing his “sick games.”

He worked as an executive at Sony Music before he joined Republic in 2013. Tristan walked away from the industry eight years ago — and the claims against Walk had a lot to do with her decision, according to the open letter.

Below is just some Tristan Coopersmith’s troubling #MeToo account… Read it in full .

For a year I shuddered at the idea being called into your fice, where you would stealthily close the door and make lewd comments about my body and share your fantasies having sex with me.

You would instant message me throughout the day making sexual remarks. Truly vulgar words and ideas. Pervasively. You invited me to dinners that in hindsight I had no business being at, but you did it so that you could put your hand on my thigh under the table, every time inching it closer and closer to my sacred place.

And it gets worse…

And then there was that event at your swank pad when you actually cornered me and pushed me into your bedroom and onto your bed. The bed you shared with your wife… your wife who was in the room next door. You being drunk and me being 6 inches taller was my saving grace.



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