Raime and Valentina Magaletti’s Experimental Moin Project Next on AD93

Photo: Amy Gwatkin

Raime, the collaboration of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, will release a new album with percussionist Valentina Magaletti as Moin on AD93.

Moot!, an eight-track album that was quick and painless to create, stems from a “serendipitous conversation,” we’re told. Working in the studio together allowed the musicians to re-appreciate the recording process by using a combination of live recording and studio techniques. As Moin, they’re freed from any past inhibitions or self-made parameters to explore uncharted territory. Sonically, the album spans psychedelia, alt-rock, and post-punk mixed with Raime’s signature brooding electronics.

“The record was made as an experiment really,” the London group tells EDMjunkies. “It felt like the right time to play on the fringes of this kind of music. The priority was to be direct at first and then change the edges perhaps. Make something to experience rather than something as a spectacle.”

The album follows Moin’s self-titled EP from 2013, released by the defunct Blackest Ever Black.

As part of her CZN project with João Pais Filipe, Magaletti recently dropped an EP, Commutator, on Offen Music, which followed the Luxury Variations 12″ for The Trilogy Tapes. Alongside multi-instrumentalist Tom Relleen as Tomago, Magaletti also released Intimate Immensity in March.


01. No To God, No To Sunsets
02. Crappy Dreams Count
03.Don’t Make Me Wait
04. Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong
05. Lungs
06. I Can’t Help But Melt
07. An Utter Stink
08,. It’s Never Goodbye

Moot! LP is scheduled for July 9 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Crappy Dreams Count” and “Right is Alright, Wrong is to Belong” below, and pre-order here.

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