Radiohead Sues Lana Del Rey for Ripping Off Their Biggest Song

America’s sweetheart Lana Del Rey is finding herself in some legal trouble over a song from her recent album Lust For Life

Radiohead says LDR’s “Get Free” sounds far too similar to their 1993 breakout single “Creep.” The songstress stands by her song and insists it wasn’t inspired by Radiohead’s most famous release.

Apparently LDR has fered up 40% the song’s earnings over the past few months but Radiohead isn’t settling for anything less than 100%. Unfortunately, with both artists firmly standing their ground, the next step is court.

In a recent tweet, Lana informs fans the lawsuit:

As it stands, co-writers Kieron Menzies and Rick Nowels are credited on the track along with Del Rey. Her album Lust for Life has achieved chart-topping success in the US and the UK.

Radiohead have yet to comment on the situation.

Listen to “Get Free” and revisit “Creep” below — what do you hear?!

Lana Del Rey – Get Free

Radiohead – Creep



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