Porter Robinson To Play Back To Back Sets As Replacement for Martin Garrix

Porter Robinson Will Replace Martin Garrix At Ultra Korea, Will Play Right After Virtual Self

Eleven days ago, Martin Garrix injured himself jumping f the DJ booth at OMNIA in Las Vegas. (Let that be a lesson to the rest you.) While it was initially believed to be only a minor sprain, something he could walk f, Garrix announced yesterday that he needed surgery and had to cancel all his upcoming shows, including an appearance at Ultra Korea.

While we’re devastated about the news and wish Martin the speediest recoveries, there’s a silver lining here. Porter Robinson has been named Garrix’s replacement at Ultra Korea, and that presents a very unique lineup: Porter Robinson will play after Virtual Self… who is also Porter Robinson.

Very few artists are ever fortunate to have two aliases touring at the same time — only a couple examples come to mind, Clockwork and RL Grime, Eric Prydz and Cirez D, etc. It’s even more rare to have both your aliases play at the same event, and pretty much unheard to have one follow the other on the lineup.

Not to be too overdramatic, but this is literally history in the making.

If you’re lucky enough to be going to Ultra Korea this weekend, you’re in for a very special treat!


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