Podcast 704: DJ Narciso (RS Produçōes)Podcast 704: DJ Narciso (RS Produçōes)

DJ Narciso will be familiar to EDMjunkies fans because last year he contributed “Saudades,” a deep and moody track, to EDMjunkies+018 alongside DJ N*gga Fox, BLEID, and Serpente. He’s one of the youngest members of Príncipe, having debuted on the label in 2018, at a time when he was still very new to music. He’s most widely known as the head honcho of RS (Rinchoa Stress) Produções, a collective of artist friends he founded in 2014, aged just 15. The group is based in Rinchoa, Rio de Mouro, a short drive from Lisbon.

It was only in 2015 that Narciso began to take production more seriously, and he began by relaunching RS as a crew of musicians made up of DJ-producer Nuno, DJs Nulo and Lima, plus producer Farucox, and MC Pimenta. Narciso himself DJs and produces, but he releases rarely and keeps a low profile, much like those around him. He delivered three solo tracks to Bagdad Style, a collection of early cuts made by the RS crew on Príncipe, and three more in collaboration with Nuno Beats. In the years since, regular club gigs around Lisbon and an active Youtube channel have made him one of the most sought-after young artists in these Afro-diasporic sounds. After “Saudades,” he put out “BOB” on Príncipe compilation Verão Dark Hope.

With more music on the way, Narciso has decided to show some of it off as part of this week’s EDMjunkies podcast. He’s provided minimal information about the mix, except that he recorded it at his girlfriend’s house and turned to his catalog of unheard and unreleased works. You can expect just over an hour of mesmerizing, deep kuduro rhythms from a rising Príncipe talent, and a taste of what’s to come on the highly influential Lisbon label later this year.

01. What have you been up to recently?

Exploring things more, and getting new ideas for my music.

02. What was your route into music?

Passion and curiosity.

03. What is it that drives you to make music, still today?

It is something that has been growing inside of me and if I stop making music, I am not being true to myself.

04. How has the lockdown period been for you?

They were difficult periods, but they also served as a learning experience for many situations in my life.

05. You’ve got a new album coming out on Príncipe soon. Can you tell us anything about it

About the new record, we can say that there is a great evolution in the overall production and different styles.

06. When and where did you record this mix?

I recorded the mix on June 24 at the house of my partner, Dj Lima.

07. What can the listener expect?

Something out of the ordinary.

08. How did you go about choosing the tracks that you’ve included?

I chose the most recent tracks I made including the ones I like the most.

09. How does it compare to what we might hear you play in a club?

For this one, I focused totally on my original productions and I’m sure the way I mix the tracks.

10. What’s next on your horizon?

The vibes of people listening to my music, no doubt!

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01. DJ Narciso “ORAÇÃO” (Unreleased)
02. DJ Narciso “GHETTO” (Unreleased)
03. DJ Narciso “AZAR OU SORTE” (Unreleased)
04. DJ Narciso “3 COLUNAZ” (Unreleased)
05. DJ Narciso “MELANCIA” (Unreleased)
06. DJ Narciso “2021” (Unreleased)
07. DJ Narciso “DAY” (Unreleased)
08. DJ Narciso “BACALHAU COM NATAS” (Unreleased)
09. DJ Narciso “JNR” (Unreleased)
10. DJ Narciso “MOHA” (Unreleased)
11. DJ Narciso “POUCO BARULHO” (Unreleased)
12. DJ Narciso “LOVE U MOM” (Unreleased)
13. DJ Narciso “BAMBI NO ROSSIO” (Unreleased)
14. DJ Narciso “CABO” (Unreleased)
15. DJ Narciso “AJUNTAMENTO” (Unreleased)
16. DJ Narciso “SEMANA CHATA” (Unreleased)
17. DJ Narciso “MERDAS” (Unreleased)
18. DJ Narciso “BISCATE” (Unreleased)
19. DJ Narciso “DESESPERO” (Unreleased)
20. DJ Narciso “SAÚDE” (Unreleased)
21. DJ Narciso “GRAVAÇÃO” (Unreleased)
22. DJ Narciso “BRUXO” (Unreleased)
23. DJ Narciso “INSPIRADO” (Unreleased)
24. DJ Narciso “RESPIRAÇÃO” (Unreleased)
25. DJ Narciso “DE PULSEIRA” (Unreleased)
26. DJ Narciso “PASSE” (Unreleased)
27. DJ Narciso “NA BANDULA” (Unreleased)
28. DJ Narciso “ESTABILIDADE” (Unreleased)
29. DJ Narciso & DJ MaboOkinho “FEEL AH WAY” (Unreleased)
30. DJ Narciso “SAMPLE” (Unreleased)
31. DJ Narciso “TESTE” (Unreleased)
32. DJ Narciso “POBREZA” (Unreleased)
33. DJ Narciso “ESPERANÇA” (Unreleased)
34. DJ Narciso “DIFICULDADES” (Unreleased)
35. DJ Narciso “ABRUNHEIRA” (Unreleased)
36. DJ Narciso “MÁGOAS” (Unreleased)
37. DJ Narciso “GRANDE” (Unreleased)
38. DJ Narciso “LENÇOS” (Unreleased)
39. DJ Narciso “DESCANSA EM PAZ BUCHA PT.3” (Unreleased)

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