Podcast 677: TAHPodcast 677: TAH

As we lean into 2021, we begin with a podcast from TAH, a rising name in all things Jersey club, a bass-heavy concoction of breakbeats, rapid tempos, and chopped samples. The 26-year-old, real name Taree Shakuur, became accustomed to the genre while sneaking into parties around Newark, New Jersey, from where it originates, and he began DJing as soon as he was old enough. He’s recently started to release his own productions, transmuting his emotions, moods, and the state of the world around him onto Menacing, his first full-length project.

There’s little known about TAH and his work, other than that he found music through his family. His father and his Mom’s cousin played records through the late ’80s and early ’90s, which sparked in him an interest in house, and his grand-father played jungle music to him as a two-year-old. As he grew up and became more exposed to the music of those around him, TAH connected to some local artists and has since became a central figure in a small but close-knit community of Newark DJs. Besides playing around the city, he’s a resident of Half Moon, an online radio collective based in New York, and he hosts SWEATYSTICKYSWEET, a New Jersey-based queer-centric party.

As one of Jersey Club’s newer names, TAH recognizes a responsibility to push the boundaries of the genre rather than being shackled by it. Across his EDMjunkies podcast, recorded in the summer, he’s sought to present tracks that lean into different genres of music, encompassing house, garage, and Baltimore club. While the mix looks back, presenting a handful of tracks released through the 2000s, it also looks forward, as TAH demonstrates his range as a DJ and considers Jersey club’s future.

01. What have you been up to recently?

Nothing much, just working on some music and mixes, and staying sane. I’ve also started a side-project of refurbishing this table I found at a yard sale. I also harvested some potatoes I had planted in the summer, and I’ve planted an elderberry shrub!

02. How has the lockdown period been for you?

It has been very interesting. I say that because there are stressful times but a lot of new opportunities have been presenting themselves in my personal life, and for that I’m always grateful!

03. What music have you been listening to?

A little bit of everything, but more so funk and soul gospel, plus a lot of Jammin Gerald and DJ Funk stuff, too. Plus everything in between!

04. How did you find your way into electronic music and DJing?

My father was a local DJ, and my grandfather played jungle for me as a two-year-old. My family is heavily into music. I’m also from Newark, New Jersey where people literally ride down the street bumping house and club! I was literally born into the culture, I guess. I’ve always appreciated it and once I was old enough, I hopped in it myself!

05. When and where did you record this mix?

In the back at Bassbear, Swisha, and Kala’s studio in summer.

06. How did you go about choosing the tracks that you’ve included?

I came across a collection old club tracks from the early 2000s and I thought it would be cool to rinse them. Some of those songs are literally a part of my childhood and have memories attached to them. It’s really cool to me that I get to play them out myself!

07. How do you go about finding the tracks you play our more generally?

Simply just digging, having conversations, taking walks, and exploring my musical taste.

08. What’s next on your horizon?

More music. I’ve got a lot of cool projects lined up for next year, and some personal projects as well as some things with some really awesome artists.

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01. Dukeyman “Pass the Dutch” (Unruly)
02. DJ Tim Dolla “Chicken Noodle Soup” (Brick Bandits)
03. Da Black Mic “I Love You” (Brick Bandits)
04. De’Jon “Just Relax” (Unknown)
05. Da Black Mic “Frontin'” (Brick Bandits)
06. DJ Tim Dolla “Universal Mind Control” (Brick Bandits/Unruly)
07. DJ Tiga “Tech” (Unreleased)
08. Da Black Mic “Percolator the Remix” (Brick Bandits)
09. Flawless “Shake That Done” (RGF)
10. DJ D-Man & Jammin Gerald “What Time Is It?” (Underground Construction)
11. TAH “Tap It” (Self-Release)
12. Diamond K “Blow Up Girl” feat. Foe (High Rolla)
13. Lil Wayne “A Milli” (The Klassix remix) (Brick Bandits)
14. Mike V “12 Past Midnight” (Brick Bandits)
15. Banji “Sharaya” feat. DJ Jayhood (DJ Tameil Remix) (Bad Ink Music)
16. Big Dope P “Hit the Block (DJ Tim Dolla Dolla remix) (Movelt Records)
17. Yung Fresh “Twerk” (Self-Release)
18. Moe Cheddar “Turn the Lights Out” (Unruly Records)
19. Da Black Mic “Gossip Folks” (Brick Bandits)
20. Da Black Mic “Clockwork” (Brick Bandits)
21. Tisha “You” (DJ Tim Dolla Dolla remix) (Self-Release)
22. Big Will “Girls Around Da World” (DJ Tamil Edit) (Brick Bandits / Party Hoppers)
23. De’Jon “Wrapped Around Me” (Unruly)
24. Da Old Heads “Switch Anthem” (DJ Tim Dolla Remix) (Brick Bandits/Unruly)
25. Bree “Snap” feat. DJ Jayghood & Adolf Joker (BBMG)
26. King Tiger Z “Front Back” (Self-Release)
27. Kertasy “Shake That Cake” (Acapella)
28. Dukeyman “Rockweiler” (Self-Release)
29. Da Black Mic “I’m a Hustler” (Brick Bandits)
30. DJ Tiga “What I Tote (Buck That N*gga)” (Instrumental) (Brick Bandits)
31. TAH “Dat Ass” (Unreleased)
32. SBF & UNiiQU3 “Touch the Ground” (Self-Release)
33. Ski Mask the Slump God “Life’s Short” (TAH Remix)
34. TAH “Dump It” (Self-Release)
35. Nadus “Grab a Girl” (Pelican Fly / (Brick Bandits)

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