PAN Welcomes Heith for Debut Album

Daniele Guerrini, better known as Heith, will release his debut album on PAN.

Guerrini is the co-founder of Haunter Records, where he’s released singles and EPs since 2013, as well as the curator of Milanese venue Macao, which was forced to close its doors.

On X, Wheel, his first full-length, he takes a deep dive into creative and spiritual practice, touching on psychedelia, psych-trance, and noise. He does all this while “crafting a resonant and eclectic sound collage of mesmerising and ritualistic subterranean soundscapes,” we’re told.

Guerrini wrote the album across different studios in Milan, Rome, and Florence between March 2019 and January 2020. It features  Leonardo Rubboli, ZU drummer Jacopo Battaglia, and didgeridoo player Fabio Goldaniga.

In May, PAN, the label of Bill Kouligas, released the new album of pianist Marina Herlop.


01. Lettera 4
02. Dero
03. The hermit
04. a Venus flytrap in the circus lodge 
05. ()()(), 21, wheel of fortune
06. Psychic Mathrooms
07. Enter Lemuria
08. Your Element (a spell of equality)
09. Stones Witch
10. Interlude
11. Ensemble of Somnambulists (ft. Aase Nielsen)

X, Wheel LP is scheduled for October 7 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Your Element (a spell of equality)” in full below and pre-order here.

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