Over $6,000 In DJ Equipment Stolen from Major DJ's After Party

The XX were in Sydney, Australia over the weekend — which prompted tons ravers to keep the party going into the wee hours the night. What looked to be an absolutely insane afterparty went sour, however, when some expensive gear was taken from the venue.

As the party went f, someone or multiple people took f with decks, lights, headphones and a mixer totaling about $6,000. Meanwhile some the band members, friends, and fans were partying it up to performances by Jamie XX, Romy XX and many more — never expecting something like this to happen.

Organizers S3cret d00f part Deux took to social media to make a :

THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING LAST NIGHT. ONE OF THE BEST!! SMALL PROBLEM THO.. In the early hours this morning (around 6.30am) someone STOLE our CDJ’S, MIXER, HEADPHONES AND LIGHTS over $6000 equipment. It was a pretty much free party (we sold 10 tickets and let everyone else come for free). over 400 people came. Jamie XX, Romy XX, Jono Ma, Stella Mozgawa, Caius Pawson, Daniel Stricker, Jimmy Sing all played for free. If we would have charged normally for a party like this the ticket price would’ve been tons.. We lugged equipment for 2km (and outta there this morning across a live rifle range).

They also shared a link, in hopes to raise money to replace the stolen equipment…

It would be super SUPER amazing if you came, or felt inclined to help to please pay a nominal ticket price amount $15 to $20… Not only will it help us this time, but it allows us to keep doing these parties. Please help.

Anyone who attended the party who feels inclined to do so — send money PayPal .




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