One of the Year’s Most Enigmatic Collectives Lands on EDMjunkies+One of the Year’s Most Enigmatic Collectives Lands on EDMjunkies+

We’re ready to unveil the 27th edition of EDMjunkies+.

As we close the curtains on 2020, we’ve decided to dedicate this edition to a tight-knit crew of artists whose downtempo explorations have been a source of solace to EDMjunkies through these tumultuous months. There’s exceptionally little known about them, but their origins lie in Kansas, United States, where they began sharing their work through Terry Radio, a semi-functioning internet radio station. Today, they flutter around labels like West Mineral Ltd., Experiences LTD, and Lillerne Tapes. 

Yet the DIY ethos of these early years remains. Releases, which sell out quickly, are rolled out without promotion and the artists’ tendency to switch aliases means it’s impossible to identify who is who.

So we handed Pontiac Streator, one of the collective’s key members, and a recent contributor to the EDMjunkies podcast, the reigns to EDMjunkies+, and instructed them to deliver some of the group’s newest material in the form of a compilation and some mixes. He’s delivered a collection of six tracks and two mixes, spanning downtempo, dub, and ambient, from those close to him.

To protect identities and stay true to their style, we’ve swerved the usual artist profiles—but this month’s edition comes from Exael, Ben Bondy, Dj Dre, and Opheliaxz, plus Pontiac himself. As Monkey20, Pontiac has also shared a collaboration with Autobouncer620, an alias for Huerco S.

Moreover, Pontiac Streator and the crew have reimagined the EDMjunkies zine, turning it into the “thotty EDM magazine they always dreamed it could be.”

There are also exclusive podcasts from Benjamin Bondy and Special Guest DJ, another member. (You can hear Pontiac Streator’s EDMjunkies podcast here, and Exael’s here, for those who want to dig in even deeper.)

As requested by Pontiac, this is all the information you’ll receive, so dive in and hear for yourself.

Track one mastered by Special Guest DJ. All other tracks mastered by Kamran Sadeghi.

The music, two PDF zines, and wallpaper art can be downloaded once you SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you’re already a subscriber, head to the member’s area to download the package.


01. Exael “L-theanine”
02. Pontiac Streator x Dj Dre “Rain Pod”
03. Opheliaxz “Dripped Honey”
04. Autobouncer620 x Monkey20 “Brek (Zoner Why)”
05. Ben Bondy “Poison The Well”
06. Opheliaxz x Ben Bondy “Dust on the Floor”


01. Benjamin Bondy EDMjunkies Podcast (Scheduled for 2021)
02. Special Guest DJ EDMjunkies Podcast (Scheduled for 2021)

Thanks for your continued support, and have a merry Christmas.

The EDMjunkies Team.

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