Ondness’ Latest Album Marks a New Beginning

Bruno Silva will release a new album as Ondness, titled Oeste A​.​D..

Silva, based in Lisbon, Portugal, began as a guitarist, and the guitar remains an important part of his life: he plays in a jazz trio with mythical trumpet player Sei Miguel. He became Ondness in 2009 with Em Afogando, one of several self-releases shared under a slew of different monikers, among them Iguana Feedback or Navalha Mystic. He also releases as Serpente, a channel for his ideas on rhythm. Whereas Ondness deals more personally with Silva’s obsessions, anxieties, and hauntings, “finding some internal cohesion for me in some hallucinatory space,” Silva explains, Serpente is more “strict,” focused on percussion.

Sonically, Oeste A​.​D. is a “monstrous piece,” we’re told, that marks the beginning of a new age for Ondness. It follows Megadawn, a recent album on Holuzam, but what makes the album so remarkable is the “intangible idea of nostalgia,” we’re told. Whereas in the past the Ondness sound was “fragmented, sparse, and intensively reflexive,” now it’s “full of clarity,” in that the music moves in one direction, continuously.

In May, Silva released Dias da Aranha, a new album as Serpente. You can listen to his EDMjunkies podcast here.


01. Torres e Baldios
02. Aqua Matrix Alternativa Nation
03. Torres e Baldios II
04. Endless Domingo

Oeste A​.​D. LP is scheduled for August 26 release on Discrepant. Meanwhile, you can stream “Torres e Baldios” and “Torres e Baldios II” in full below, and pre-order here.

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