Official Snapchat Merch & Apparel Has Arrived

I can’t decide if Snap is being desperate or smart, but the company has now added merchandise to its flagship app, including a plush version the dancing hot dog, a fire emoji Snap streak hat, a Winkface sweatshirt, and a “Bring back best friends” sweatshirt

Snapchat has been famously losing users to Instagram ever since the app introduced its own Stories feature in 2016. The company has tried various methods luring users back, including launching their own Snap hardware and completely overhauling the app design (which many users ).

More recently, they’ve finally implemented “,” wherein users can embed and link to stories outside the app. And now, they’re placing merchandise within the app, likely in hopes drumming up additional revenue. However, a Snap spokesperson  that the purpose the store is to promote the Snapchat “community,” whatever that means, implying that the goal is not to drive income to recoup that loss.

The current product ferings are:

  • Dancing Hot Dog Plush Doll: $19.99
  • Streak Hat: $29.99
  • Winkface Sweatshirt: $49.99
  • Dog Lens Tee: $29.99
  • Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt: $49.99

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