Nuits Sonores has booked Larry Heard, Peggy Gou and Bicep

The night line-up for Nuits Sonores is now online, with highlights including Larry Heard, Bicep, Avalon Emerson and Peggy Gou (pictured).

A European superpower when it comes to innovative and high calibre musical experiences, Nuit Sonores is back this year spanning across 20 venues in Lyon, including spectacular night-time transformations landmark French locations.

Expect live shows from Ben Frost, Lee Gamble, and Chicago house royalty Mr Fingers, a.k.a Larry Heard.

Attendees will be hearing DJ sets from Alex.Do, DJ Boring, Avalon Emerson and many more, in venues ranging including Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand – a historic swimming pool at the Rhone river – Ayers Rock Boat and Nuits Sonores’ main home, a disused Fagor-Brnadt factory.

The entire festival runs from May 7 to 13, but the night events will be running from May 9 to 12.

Tickets are now on sale now. Check out the full line-up, programme and other info .

For a taste Peggy Gou, watch our stream with her in Miami below.

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