Norway’s Ol’ Burger Beats to Release New Album of Spiritual Jazz

Photo: Lisana Preten

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Ol’ Burger Beats, real name Ole-Birger Neergård, will release Loft, a new album, in January.

Neergård captured Loft in Vatne and Oslo, Norway during the pandemic, using his deep cache of instruments “like never before,” we’re told.

Across 12 tracks, he took a different approach than past records, performing all of the material through pre-digital era instruments rather than sampling. This includes the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer 200A electric pianos, Sequential Prophets, a ARP Odyssey, plus Moog synthesizers and various percussion instruments.

The album’s vintage sounds emulate the sounds of the ’70s, and Neergård took influence from the spiritual jazz scene of the ’60s/’70s, particularly the loft spaces that housed many of the revolutionary leaders of this era for live performances and studio recordings. It features jazz legends Idris Ackamoor, Ralph Thomas, and Wendell Harrison.

Neergård released I Am Leaving, his latest album, in January in collaboration with Née Pauline.


01. Return (feat. Ralph Thomas)
02. Split Seconds (feat. Idris Ackamoor)
03. Layers (feat. Ralph Thomas)
04. Inner Space
05. Impressions (feat. Ralph Thomas)
06. Sound Myth
07. Two Tribes (feat. Wendell Harrison)
08. Arid (feat. Ralph Thomas)
09. For Ras G
10. Growing Up (feat. Ralph Thomas)
11. The Garden (feat. Wendell Harrison)
12. Departure

Loft LP is available on January 21. Meanwhile, you can stream “For Ras G” and “The Garden” featuring Wendell Harrison below and pre-order here.

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