Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso's Awesome Collab Gets Dance Floor Ready Remix Pack

Feels are matched with wubs in Nicky Romero x Florian Picasso‘s “Only For Your Love,” a track sure to bring out the best moves you’ve got! Now, we have five more ways to enjoy the dance floor ready electro house anthem!

The flavorful remix pack for “Only For Your Love” just graced our ears with its presence, featuring Tom Tyger, Corey James & Carmada, Teamworx, Sage and Tonny Tempo! Each track, laced with its own style and creativity, captivates track-by-track. It’s the kind remix pack you can listen to straight through without it getting too dull or repetitive.

Sage works some tasteful trap into the mix, Tonny Tempo goes straight future bass with it, Tom Tyger provides a stellar house remix, Teamworx builds f bass house elements, and Corey James & Carmada layer synths on synths on synths for a delicate yet heavy result.

Listen here & let us know your favorite!

Only For Your Love Remixes

Only For Your Love – Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso



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