Next Swedish House Mafia IKEA Collection Includes Record Player

Swedish House Mafia is making waves again but this time in the furniture world. After partnering up with IKEA recently, they announced a record player as one of their first collaborative in-store items available next month (MixMag).

The furniture line is named OBEGRÄNSAD or “unrestricted” and features more than 20 items, including the new all-black old-school style turntable. Their new turntable is bold and straight to the point while also affordable and straightforward. 

Before this, IKEA hasn’t made one since 1973, making this a notable comeback. It will be about $139 and available in October along with other items from the collection. 

More information on the SHM and IKEA collaborative furniture line is located here. And keep those eyes peeled to see what else the famous Swedish DJ trio has cooked up.  

Photo via MixMag 

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