New Report Lists Real Effects of Drugs On Your Brain

As researchers continue to explore the effects drugs on our brains, we continue to experiment with them. But what actually happens when you use cannabis and/or popular party drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, and hallucinogens?

Although the fleeting high can feel amazing, there are potential side effects with any drug, both short-term and long-term. The most important thing to be aware is that drugs can do serious, lasting damage.

According to Consultant Neurologis Dr. Naheed Khan, damage to the brain or body “can occur at any time from the first dose to that after repeated use.” He also says, “There is nothing that can predict what and when will happen in any one individual.”

Below are the known short-term effects common drugs; many these follow common sense, others might surprise you. For a more in-depth look at long-term effects read the full article here.


  • Stress to the brain, causing a ‘high’
  • Heightened senses so that colors appear more vivid and food tastes intense
  • Difficulty with thinking and problem solving
  • Poor learning and reduced performance old or new tasks
  • Impairment judgement and reaction times such as the ability to drive safely
  • Intense distress, anxiety, fear, panic attacks and mood swings
  • Acute psychosis such as hallucinations and paranoia


  • Irritability and hypersensitivity to sight, sound, and touch
  • Paranoia, resulting in extreme and unreasonable distrust others
  • Bizarre, unpredictable and uncharacteristic or violent behavior


  • Rise in body temperature (hyperthermia) which causes uncontrolled sweating, dehydration and an imbalance in body salt (sodium)
  • Swelling brain, which is known to cause a coma or epileptic seizures
  • High blood pressure, which can cause headaches, nausea and dizzy spells
  • Lack appetite
  • Illogical or disorganized thoughts
  • Inability to sleep for days at a time


  • Hallucinations
  • Intense sensory experiences such as seeing brighter colors
  • Changes in sense time
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis
  • Bizarre behavior
  • Panic and anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Risk epilepsy


Source: Cosmopolitan

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