New Instagram Feature Leaks & DMs Are About To Get Wild

Instagram might be making yet another huge move that would ficially move it ahead Snapchat, and closer to apps like iMessage and Messenger.

Rumor has it that Instagram is implementing a new video calling feature that will allow users to chat in real time. A tech blog  originally reported the leak — and a simple screenshot was all it took to send the internet into a frenzy with speculation.

The video chat feature is expected to go down in the dm. According to the original , “the feature will be immediately accessible once the user opens an active chat with another.” This means both parties have to be actively inside the direct message to access the icon and initiate a video chat.

TechCrunch reached out, but Instagram refused to comment on the possible leak.

“We don’t comment on rumours and speculations,” said a spokesperson.

This move would be a real game changer for Instagram communication, but again just makes the app even more like Snapchat. Which, sounds exactly like something Instagram would do.


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