New Artist Spotlight: Heartracer Brings Dream Pop and Electro 'All At Once' [Viedo]

Heartracer is a dream pop or indie pop band started by brothers Chris (vocals and keyboards) and Chip Cosby (guitars) in Virginia. They named their group, which also contains Wes Tatum on bass and Brian “Rico” Reyes on drums, after a heart condition Chris as diagnosed with called tachycardia. The condition causes the heart to beat faster at random. The beats in Heartracer’s music also somewhat mimics the condition, whether on purpose or not, so it makes for a doubly appropriate name.

The group takes influence from a number sources, ranging from Roxy Music to Coldplay to M83, but Heartracer definitely have their own sound. For reference, they sound a bit like a more electronically-driven Phoenix. While new to EDM, the band is hardly new overall, with their first album In Flight debuting in 2012. Two acclaimed EPs later, Heartracer caught the ear producer Andrew Lappin, who has produced acts like Passion Pit, St. Lucia and a favorite the group, M83. The first result this collaboration is Heartracer’s newest single, “All At Once.”

Based on this single, working with Lappin has really helped Heartracer pin down their sound even more, and give the band a really clear electronic edge. Said edge will likely introduce Heartracer to new venues and genres, hence them being written up in Your EDM. The single opens with a very 80s-inspired synth section which has a touch ambient reverb a’la, once again, M83. A funk guitar and upbeat drum beat joins the synths to create the full track, which is constructed like a pop song in that it follows the trajectory Chris Cosby’s vocals. It’s a sweet, poppy tune that while not fully EDM itself, could be easily remixed.

Based on what was clearly a positive experience for Heartracer working with Lappin, it stands to reason that they will record more music with the famed electro/shoegaze producer. If they stay on this trajectory, the band may go into more experimentation and produce even more EDM-friendly tracks. In the meantime, Heartracer’s discography is already extremely polished, diverse and emotive. This band is definitely one to watch, whether your taste is full EDM or you like a little dream pop now and then.

“All At Once” by Heartracer is out now and streamable on and . Their entire discography is available to stream and purchase on the Heartracer . Check out the video below their live performance “So Close.”

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