MUST LISTEN: G Jones’ New EP Arrives A Day Early

The new EP from G JonesTangential Zones, is ficially slated for release on all platforms tomorrow. However, lucky us, the producer decided to drop it a day early in an exclusive premiere from Fader.

In what G Jones has called an epilogue to his 2018 album The Ineffable Truth, he pushes an extension the same sound that the album brought to the forefront the bass music community last year. It truly wouldn’t have been a stretch to release these tracks as an addition on a deluxe release  Ineffable Truth, but having them in this separate package somehow… increases their value as individual piece work.

We’ve already gotten “Dark Artifact” and “Drift (Acid Mix)” as singles, though the rest the EP really shouldn’t come as much a surprise. G Jones doesn’t really drop “singles” in the sense huge hits, though tracks like “In Your Head” or “Time” are anomalies. Instead, his works are best enjoyed as a sum its parts, a full experience in sound and mind that transports you to another dimension.

Check out the new EP, Tangential Zones from G Jones, below!

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