Moderat and Monkeytown reveal film score for ‘A Thought of Ecstacy’

Monkeytown Records artists , Gajek, Plaid and Anstam have joined forces in creating an ethereal score for the erotic German arthouse film A Thought Ecstacy.

Curated by Szary and Matti Gajek, the soundtrack features poetic spoken word moments from actress Deborah Kara Unger and numerous dramatic soundscapes from these cutting-edge artists.

Taking place in the unrelenting heat the California desert, A Thought Ecstasy follows a tortured man who journeys to America to find his lost lover, a woman hellbent on revenge and their youthful memories that bring about feelings destruction.

The most notable moment on the score is Moderat’s contribution ‘Invaluable Waste from the Outlying Districts (Part I, II, III, IV)’. The power-group, which announced its last year following the release the album ‘’, create blissed out compositions with a repetitive and meditative aura.

Listen to the film score .

Watch the trailer for A Thought Ecstasy below.

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