"Mind-blowing" unreleased Prince music is currently being mixed

It's no secret that Prince's expansive and mysterious discography has become absolute musical gold since his .

Five his were sold for up to $20,000 each at the tail end last year and new reports from the late icon's estate representatives say that more unreleased music is currently being mixed. It's been described as "mind-blowing" by Troy Carter, the ficial adviser for Prince's estate.

"He was a guy who practically lived in a recording studio, and once we started going through the unreleased material] we really started finding some gems,” Carter shared in an interview with . “I heard some music the other night that was pretty mind-blowing and we’re getting some stuff mixed right now. We’ve got great projects in the works that I’m excited to talk about."

Details have yet to be shared for the release or timeline for the unreleased gems, but Carter confirmed that it should be "coming soon".

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