Meetch Unveils Creative Process, Essential Tools, and Production Tips in Exclusive Interview

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with DJ/Producer Meetch; known for his electrifying performances and genre-blending music, Meetch takes us on a journey through the fundamental steps and processes he follows when embarking on a new music production project. From the essential software and tools he relies on to craft his signature sound to his creative process in building captivating melodies and harmonies, Meetch shares valuable insights that will inspire aspiring music producers to find their own unique style. With an open mind for experimentation and a strong focus on fun and creativity, Meetch encourages the exploration of diverse genres to pave the way for an individual sonic identity. Join us as Meetch offers expert advice for those just starting their musical journey, ensuring that the pursuit of music production is as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Let’s dive into the world of music production with Meetch!

Hi Meetch, how are you? 

I’m okay! Today it’s 101 degrees over here but my pool is a life saver. I also just realized that this interview is called Music Production 101. I guess it’s fate that you chose me to be a part of it! 

Can you share some of the fundamental steps or processes you follow when starting a new music production project? 

The first thing I like to do when starting a new project is laying down the drums. Because I’ve grown up drumming and loving to play beats, I think the percussion is the most important element to start with. Then, I can shape the sounds around the drums I use. After I get the drums down, I like to start at the “break” of a song. After I get the melody and style of the track down, I can place the drums right over it and make sure it all matches. I can go paragraphs about what’s next but that’s about how I like to start a new project! 

What are some essential software or tools that you rely on during the music production process, and why do you find them valuable? 

The ones that come to mind first are Serum, Spire, Ominisphere and Splice. I think these are the best when it comes to finding the best sound or synth. I’m always looking for new stuff for good sounds but these are good to start with. Splice is the only one that I can find good samples for my projects, but I like to search through the thousands of leads, bass and more through the others. Facebook bombards me with ads every second with new extension packs and add-ons for these too, and I have to stop downloading so many extras! There are many valuable plugs per each track like Isotope and Fabfilter as well. There are sooooooo many plugins for effects too. I feel that plugins are the “new thing” to create. I’m just not that smart…..yet. 

How do you approach finding and selecting the right sounds or samples to use in your tracks? 

This is really hard to say. After creating the basic drums, I’ll just scroll and scroll until I find something that “hits”. Sometimes I just find a sound and know it’s the one. Maybe it’s a bass sample I can throw into sampler or something. Overall, I just wait till a sound clicks in my head, and then I run with it. Unless I have a style of a song I like go with. But truly, I think the fun of making music is making a ton of different types of tracks. I think my goal is to have a wide portfolio of styles of music. I definitely want to get in to making a cross between Pop Punk and EDM somehow. I haven’t figured that one out yet. My love for Rock music I think will eventually blend into my love for Dance music. 

Can you discuss your creative process when it comes to building melodies and harmonies that resonate with listeners? 

I think it’s important for me to listen to current top songs to see what makes people like the song. Is it the drop?, Is it the vocals or melody?, I think that’s the most important first step when it comes to making music that hopefully get’s noticed. I mean, non of my songs are “big”, but I like the music I make, so I’m trying my best to stay within the lines of music I actually love to make, and music other people want me to make. I am going to try to make more and more tracks with vocals. I really enjoyed making my recent track, ‘I Became A DJ (Ft. Bizzair).’ We had so much fun recording the vocals and coming up with that together. For both of us, the song feels right. We did funny photoshoots, and have some great media as well. I’m glad people are enjoying that song because I think it’s definitely something that resonates with the listeners. 

What techniques or strategies do you employ to achieve a well-balanced mix and ensure that each element in the track sits well together? 

I’m always trying to get better at mixing. I like to pile up tracks and one by one go into each of them on the equalizers. I like the bend the highs, mids and lows to see how the sounds sit on top of the drums. Another way I like to think of it, is as if I was watching a band live. I like to think that I’m standing in the middle of a big room and looking at the stage. Which instruments would be placed where? And if I’m listenig to each individual instrument, what side of the speaker would that sound be better placed on? It’s hard for me to describe my mixing process and it’s mostly visual for me.  

How do you navigate the process of adding effects and processing to enhance the overall sound of your productions without overpowering the core elements? Which are some of your favorite effects? 

I like to use the return/send channels mostly for effects. I remember growing up and learning music production in school, and we were taught and shown how using these channels can less muddy up the track. I mean, you can throw a million effects on a track and then you lose the actual good sound of the instrument itself. Using the sends and return track, you’re not really touching the actual sound or instrument at all. It’s just adding on the sound to the track, if that makes any sense. Of course, compressors, EQs and effects like that would be directly on the track. But reverbs and those fun after effects would be the send/returns. 

Could you share some tips on how you develop a unique sound or style as a music producer, and how important is it to establish a distinct sonic identity? 

This kind of goes back on what I was saying about having a big portfolio. I like to make different kinds of genres. I want to have fun with it and use the same similar sounds I use in most tracks but change up the genre a bit. I want to make funny or “in your face songs”. That’s what grabs most people’s attention. I think the main tips I have are to have fun with the music you’re making. Don’t try to be the all-mighty king of a single style or genre. Make different sounds and songs and maybe you will even surprise yourself in a style you never thought you’d like. 

What role does experimentation play in your music production journey, and how do you approach trying new techniques or genres? 

I love to try new things. Years back I enjoyed making Trap music and Hip Hop. Those were so experimental and I even think I might make another Trap style song soon also. The thing is, that I like to take my time with releasing music. I’d rather release slowly and have top quality music, than release a million tracks a year. I want to make sure I have space in between songs for press and guest mixes. I’m going to be mixing a lot more for my upcoming radio show, so I am really excited about that. I’ll start asking my people and followers to send me their tracks so I can start including other producers within my radio shows. 

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring music producers who are just starting their journey and looking to develop their skills and find their own sound? 

The most important thing is to have fun along the way. I got so stressed over music from 2011- 2017. I actually took my biggest break ever when I moved to Los Angeles in 2017. A break is needed sometimes. Now, I dove back into music after I started to build up the shows and performances. I would also say, pick a time in your live you want to dedicate to making music and a time you want to dedicate to playing shows. Eventually, those two should mix together. That’s exactly what I did and it’s all happening. It’s pretty great, actually! Have fun with making music, try making different genres and reach out to others to get opinions and help.  

As we conclude this interview with Meetch, we are left inspired by his passion for music and dedication to creating captivating tracks. From laying down infectious beats to experimenting with a multitude of genres, Meetch’s approach highlights the importance of fun and creativity in the music production journey. With a promising future ahead and a portfolio of diverse music on the horizon, Meetch’s artistic evolution continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more electrifying releases from this multi-talented DJ and music producer, as he continues to make waves in the dynamic realm of Electronic Dance music.

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