Martin Garrix Teams Up With Lloyiso For Pop Anthem ‘Real Love’

Martin Garrix has returned to us with new beautiful music. In collaboration with Lloyiso, ‘Real Love’ channels emotion right out of the gate. The two made the track in New York when Martin was here for his unprecedented 4-night show run at The Brooklyn Mirage. They took to the studio for a whole day and ‘Real Love’ was born.

It is the perfect Pop-EDM track that is primed for any set and remixes alike. Hailing from South Africa, Lloyiso created mesmerizing vocals for all to enjoy. Garrix was instantly captivated by his voice and reached out to the young artist. Martin had this to say:

“I first came across Lloyiso when I saw one of his covers online and was immediately blown away by his amazing voice. It took quite some time for us to finally meet in person, but we clicked instantly, both on a personal and creative level.”

Martin expertly used Lloyiso to create the perfect stutter lead. You can hear all the great live recorded elements in the drop, he loves his guitar after all. Garrix has had a stellar year as always releasing a bunch of massive tunes. My favorite is probably ‘Hurricane,’ one that was primed for summer.

Make sure to check out ‘Real Love’ below!

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