Martin Garrix Reaches Out To Parents of Young Producer & Fan After His Death

Martin Garrix is sending his condolences to the loved ones a very special fan…

The hopeful producer Jonas Nesse recently passed away tragically at the age 16. Nesse was deeply inspired by Garrix and would happy to know his latest track landed in the email his idol, thanks to his friend and fellow producer Owen Norton.

“I just listened to it and I like it a lot,” Garrix shared in his response. “I’m sorry to hear he passed away… my condolences… but I’m sure he is still smiling and making people dance up there with his music!”

Norton shared a screenshot  the conversation in hopes someone would let the parents Jonas Nesse know — his track “Feel So Free” ficially has the stamp approval from the #1 DJ in the world and the producer he looked up to the most.

This story is absolutely heartbreaking, but also one that needs to be heard. Listen to “Feel So Free” below… RIP, Jonas.

Jonas Nesse – Feel So Free



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