LYZZA Explores Her Experiences as a Black Woman in the Music Industry on Alt-Pop Mix-tape

Amsterdam based, Brazilian-born producer and vocalist LYZZA will release a new alt-pop mix-tape.

All 10 tracks of Mosquito capture LYZZA’s experiences as a Black woman within the music industry.

Having felt misunderstood and unaccepted in the past, recalling the feeling of “taking up too much space and being too loud” in situations, LYZZA explores the notion of preconceptions, social dynamics, and how so many people are misunderstood in their day to day life. “The way you look can bring so many preconceptions that don’t apply,” she says, “but you can end up playing into it without meaning to if someone talks to you in a certain way.”

While exploring this observation, LYZZA found inspiration the mosquito. “Because I am black and make alternative music, I identify with the disruptive and intrusive nature of a mosquito. The fact that I look the way I look, make the music I make, and you know who I am means somehow I’ve been able to penetrate through the noise and bias.” 

Mosquito comes shortly after LYZZA shared “Lucky You,” which marked her debut release for Big Dada, the Ninja Tune sub-label that relaunched last year.

As part of the announcement, LYZAA has shared “Deserve It” featuring Spanish trap singer La Zowi, alongside a music video directed by Thyago Sainte. In the video, we see LYZZA exploring different dynamics of power in which a helicopter represents what would be the mosquito.


01. Blush Me Out!
02. Lucky You
03. For When I Fall Again
04. Deserve It (feat. La Zowi)
05. Cheat Code
06. Eraser
07. Mind 2 Lips
08. Hold Me
09. Heathens Call (feat. Backxwash)
10. Ressaca

MOSQUITO is scheduled for September 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream new single “Deserve It” today and pre-order here.

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