Luttrell Brings All The Feels To ‘Sunrise Song’

The moustache man of Anjunadeep comes back with yet another emotion-filled single.

Kick off your Friday with the latest in Anjunadeep music! The beanie, the rounded glasses and the moustache have become his identity by now, as much as his music variety on the great A label. Luttrell has turned into one of Anjunadeep’s core artists over the years, boarding the ship way back in 2016 with his Need You EP. Since then, he’s released tons of singles, has been featured in several Anjunadeep xx compilations, and has even released three albums: Into Clouds in 2019, Lucky Ones the year after, and Music For My Memories the year after that.

The latest from Luttrell is titled ‘Sunrise Song‘, a delicate, intimate piece of emotional House. Featured for the first time a couple months ago in the Anjunadeep 14 compilation, you can finally play this song in full when watching the sun come out in the earliest hours of the day.

Sunrise Song

This song stops you in your tracks. The impact of the sustained sine wave is enough to get your attention. But the most beautiful part is yet to come. Luttrell’s music is very well known for its odd textures and playful use of contrasting sounds. Well, here the core element is one of the noblest instruments known to man: the piano.

And for that piano, I’d better write a whole paragraph. If you’re an Anjuna devoted fan like I am, you might notice the piano, both the type and the melody, is very resemblant to Leaving Laurel‘s compositions. Close your eyes to fly away with the octave jump, and the soft fingers touching each note. It’s that good. Needless to say, the beat accompanying the piano is just as lovely, and they do complement each other.

Have a listen to Luttrell’s ‘Sunrise Song’ right now! Head to the Spotify block below to give the track a play, or click here to go to YouTube. Alternatively, click here to support ‘Sunrise Song’ any other way you like.

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