Loudar and Michael Jo released a hardstyle monster called “Runaway”!

Hey hardstyle lovers we bring you today from Netherlands, dj and producer Loudar and his newest release with Michael Jo called “Runaway” !

Loudar is known for embracing everything that breathes the harder styles and he can be seen as the perfect example of a complete artist in terms of producing.

Loudar & Michael Jo

“Runaway” comes as this upbeat, euphoric track, which opens up with driving bass and plucky melodies and amazing vocal lines, before evolving into a hardstyle monster that will take no prisoners on the dance floor. The song caters to Loudar’s specific brand of listeners, bass-minded individuals who never shy away from the grimiest, hardest sounds to be found at any given festival or club circuit. 

The track keeps being fresh from beginning to end with the usage of different leads and kickdrums, and the transitions between sections are smooth, giving it a great cohesiveness. Definitely a must-hear for the hardstyle lovers out there so check it out bellow:

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