LISTEN: sapientdream’s “Past Lives” Gets a Ian Asher Makeover

After recently cruising past the 100 million stream mark for his “past lives” release, sapientdream (Slushii’s side alias) is proud to enlist emerging star Ian Asher as the latest remixer for his viral hit. 

The wider emergence of the sapientdream project signifies an exciting new era for Slushii, buoyed by a newfound freedom and return to roots of sorts as he spent the past two years exploring commercial music and hip-hop. Having a separate creative outlet to the Slushii project has lead to exciting collaboration opportunities with wunderkind talents like Ian Asher, who have taken the industry by storm in recent years. Asher’s take on “past lives” transforms the soothing, lo-fi tune into a festival and club-ready banger, likely more a fit for a Slushii live performance than a sapientdream experience. Between the ingenuity sapientdream showed in the original and the innate talent Asher flexes in his remix, “past lives” continues to drive forward as one of the biggest dance tracks of the past year. 

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LISTEN: sapientdream’s “Past Lives” Gets a Ian Asher Makeover

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