Lightning in a Bottle: Burning Man Lite [Editorial]

Lightning in a Bottle started off as an installation at Coachella, known as the DoLab. Each year, it features progressive and inventive DJs and becomes a more and more prominent location on the festival grounds. Lightning in a Bottle, now a full blown festival in its own right, just celebrated its 20th year in operation. 

When you ask attendees how they feel about the festival, many will say that it feels like the DoLab Amplified, they touch on the sense of camaraderie and community here. But the most common response you will hear is: 

“It is the perfect cross of Coachella and Burning Man.”

The festival itself has many high quality vendors and aesthetic stages. And while the Southern California location, DoLab production, and quality food all lend itself to the notion of Coachella. The Burning Man elements continue to grow and thrive with time. Each year, more and more decorated bicycles and underground parties trickle in to the campgrounds at Lake Buena Vista. Wizened humans in shawls and leg-straps equipped with essential oils, hapes, and finger drums will teach you new ways to get into the music. 

Art Cars and Kiddos

A slew of art cars that are famous for their reputations on the Playa come to LIB. The Kuker is a Bulgarian Spring Monster who exists to ward off evil spirits. It features a giant stripper pole, and a place to lie down comfortably in his mouth. Their hosts Lena and Phillip engage with wanderers who wind up there, and share the story of Bulgaria and whisper about their love of the Burn.

Many young parents have stated that Lightning in a Bottle offers the music, camping, and art that they crave as Burners. It provides these elements in a way that has a gentler climate, a beautiful water feature, and programs devoted to young children. In short, the logistics are much easier and still provide many of the things that Burning Man offers. And the toilets were SO CLEAN!

Time, Music and Weather

The festival runs from Wednesday until Monday. It gives a good stretch of time for those who want to take time to escape the daily routine for 6 days (Burning Man is 9 days). Perhaps you’ve thought of going to Burning Man but feel overwhelmed. Maybe you don’t know anyone else going. Perhaps you like water. Lightning in a Bottle offers the bridge and the alternative.

The music runs the gamut from legendary house acts to gnarly nasty dubstep to Anjuna fam trance. With live instruments, marching bands, fire dancers, moroccan bass guitarists, and circus performers–the festival has everything you could need. Headliners like ZHU, DRAMA, and Sofi Tukker round out the experience for everyone.

This year the weather sat between a dream 60 and 84 degrees. When you got hot and dusty, all you had to do was jump in the lake. Which we did… often. Keep an eye out for EDMTunes official review. And see you guys next year! 

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