Latest Apple Leak Confirms Price Hike for iPhone 15

Since it was first released by Apple in 2007, the iPhone has become the most-famous smartphone for many people worldwide. Whether someone is young or old, the iPhone has seen numerous editions come and go with boundless applications and features that have made the iPhone a one-of-a-kind generational creation. For electronic music fans, the iPhone has allowed them to create and save memories from the wonderful events they have attended, especially with the various filters and bountiful audio options they can include in their unforgettable videos. However, those memories might lessen a little bit with rumors about the iPhone 15 having a price hike.

iPhone 15 price hike

According to Forbes, the iPhone 15’s price increases were claimed by multiple analysts and insiders to rise up to $200 in comparison to current models, particularly for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. Wedbush analyst Dan Ives stated in a research note which Barron’s saw that said “the iPhone 15 range will indeed be more expensive than current models”. Ives even appeared on CNBC and emphasized once more that the average selling price of the next-gen iPhones will significantly increase.

iPhone 15 Apple Leak Price Increase
Image Courtesy: Apple

What will happen next?

For many U.S. consumers of the iPhone, the news certainly is upsetting but predictable given the potential price increases of the next-gen iPhone 15. For international consumers, the price hike for the iPhone 15 is something to wonder about whether or not to upgrade to the next-gen Apple smartphone itself.

Then again, notable features such as faster processors, better cameras, an “Action Button, and also a transition to USB-C charging can persuade long-time Apple customers to give the iPhone 15 a try. In fact, with leaks of the iPhone 16 Pro also coming out, one might say that Apple is continuing to always make innovative technology. However, the continuous development of innovative technology can come with a cost of customer loyalty if it means hiking up the prices once more.

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