Las Vegas Police On Mass Festival Shooting: "Charges Could Come In The Future"

After 315 pages federal search warrants were regarding the investigation Stephen Paddock in the Las Vegas massacre from October last year, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are fighting to keep the remaining documents confidential.

The reasoning, says attorney for the police, Nicholas Crosby, is that more charges against other people could come in the future. This came as a shock to the people in attendance, as the only suspect in the matter, Paddock, had killed himself on site. However, Maggie McLetchie, attorney for the Las Vegas Review Journal, one the media publications fighting for the release the document, calls the claim a smoke screen.

She argued that “police could say their investigation is ongoing forever to delay access,” according to local Fox News.

State District Court Judge Elissa Cadish gave LVPD one week to explain the need for “ongoing secrecy” in the matter, or we assume she would order the documents to be released. The “or else” was not explicitly stated.

“Just because Mr. Paddock shot himself doesn’t mean the public doesn’t have a right to know what’s in the documents,” McLetchie said.


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