Lane 8 Releases ‘Rave’

Daniel releases his melodic techno banger ‘Rave‘ ahead of commencing his Summer Gatherings this weekend in New York. Lane 8 promised fans more new music this year and he does not fail to deliver. This is his third single of the year, and the This Never Happened boss shows no signs of slowing down.

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‘Rave’ is a long awaited track from his Spring 2023 mixtape. The synth leads are retro-inspired and blend in with his iconic melodic sound giving me the energy I would have standing in the middle of a large crowd at a rave. Daniel’s sound has taken off on a dark groovy journey since he released Reviver, the number one 2022 album at EDMTunes. ‘Rave’ does not follow the 10-minute-long journey like Daniel’s earlier releases ‘La Niñaand ‘Woman. Daniel shared the inspiration behind ‘Rave’ was the infectious energy of big crowds. Humble as always, Daniel expressed how he feels lucky to be part of this experience and paid an ode to his fans for this banger release.

This Never Happened announced the introduction of their new artwork used in the cover of this song. The label is focusing on highlighting environmental concerns due to throwaway plastics. Lane 8 is also matching proceeds and donating them to The Ocean Clean Up. All of this just points to how stellar Daniel is!

We are so excited for this standout track and can’t wait to hear at one of Daniel’s shows this summer!

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