Lane 8 Releases New Dreamy Track ‘What Have You Done To Me’

Lane 8 is back with a new magical track. Arctic Lake’s dreamy vocals are at the core throughout ‘What Have You Done To Me.’ Lane 8’s builds are always crazy tension builders and I think this one might be his finest. It pulls you in like never before as risers surge with energy. I was not expecting the drop on this one at all. Originally, I thought this was going to be more chill but the drop is filled with life and bounce.

The track is a collaboration with Arctic Lake. They should sound familiar as these artists have gotten together on tracks prior like ‘Road’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Go.’ The hook and vocals carry over into the drop with “what have you done to me” ringing around our ears. I am super excited to hear this one live. It has a really nice groove and the drop is constantly building with more spirit. The Bridge leads to a 2nd and twisted drop. You are going to want to hear both.

Lane 8 is having a stellar 2021. He has had numerous releases including ‘Riptide’ and ‘Is This Our Earth.’ His most recent release ‘Reviver’ channels his signature sound a new way. He has a massive tour scheduled for 2022. You can check out dates and locations here. He will be going all over the U.S.

Make sure to check out ‘What Have You Done To Me’ below!

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