Kygo Releases Sensational ‘Never Really Loved Me’

Kygo Never Really Loved Me

Kygo – Never Really Loved Me

Kygo is back with another track ‘Never Really Loved Me’, a sensational classic ready to turn heads. Featuring the vocalist Dean Lewis, the track is filled with memorable lyrics and Kygo style piano rifts. It is a beautiful creation that continues Kygo’s legacy of being the tropical house king.

Inside of ’Never Really Loved Me’

Initially, ‘Never Really Love Me’ starts off with piano chords accompanying a peaceful melody. The vocalist Dean Lewis invites himself in with the opening verse, building energy towards the 2nd verse. Continuing, the 2nd verse builds into the chorus where the listener hears the song title for the first time. On repeat, Dean Lewis sings ”Never Really Loved Me” over and over until the instrumentation breathes its last breath before the euphoric drop.

Kygo’s style takes the room in the drop with endless progressive rifts taking the listener’s attention completely. Saving the maximum punch for later in the song, the drop quickly hands the attention back to Dean Lewis for another verse. Repeating itself with slight alterations, the build/chorus leads the listener back into the magical drop this master piece of a song is built around. This is yet another festival and radio banger from Kygo.

Whats next for Kygo?

In conclusion, fans know Kygo as an artist that only grows and continues to hold his position in the EDM industry. Above all, with release after release, he masses millions of plays on every track. Also, working with top-tier vocalist, and playing at the world’s biggest venues, Kygo is a unstoppable force. Recently, in May 2022, he released his track ‘Freeze’, a prime example of his ability to dance around with his talents. Check out the track as well as the official music video for it below.

Kygo – Never Really Loved Me | Stream

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