Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights November 2023

A fairly light month of tweets by Kio, but a doozy right at the end.

Spotted Flower Chapter 44 came out at the beginning of the month.

Kio saw Godzilla -1 and thought it was a masterpiece in terms of entertainment.

Influential Japanese author Sakemi Ken’ichi passed away on November 7 at age 59. Kio remarked that it was too soon. Sakemi won the 1st Japan Fantasy Novel Award in 1989.

Kio finds himself losing concentration more easily than he used to, and worries that he wouldn’t be able to do a normal serialization like he used to. He follows this by attempting to work at the speed he used to when doing monthly titles and succeeds, but doesn’t know if he could do the same the next day.

Another preview image of the latest chapter of Spotted Flower.

Kio saw The Birth of Kitaro: The Mystery of Gegege. He liked the detail that Kitaro’s dad is actually tall (normally in the series, Kitaro’s dad is only an eyeball on top of a small body.)

After three days, Kio has beaten Mohg, Lord of Blood, in Elden Ring.

After seven years, Kio’s PC is starting to make funny noises. He had it just for making manga, but he’s considering getting something that can handle 3D, and that he can play games on.

His 18+ original doujinshi is being made into live-action porn. It’s definitely a first for him!

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