Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights June 2023

This month, Kio talks a lot about Elden Ring and drawing smut.

Gundam manga artist Tokita Kouichi shares a photo of a first-era Gundam model kit. Kio reacts by saying that the instructions are from before they changed how joints work on Gunpla models.

Kio’s tortoise has been walking quickly around in their home, being hyper. Kio comments that outdoor spaces would be good for it, but the actual outdoor space available right now isn’t all that big, so this is the best he can do right now.

The reason it’s so hyper is because the warm summery weather is affected it as a cold-blooded creature.

Kio has started doing the rough manuscript for his next horny doujinshi.

Lazy tortoise.

Watching more How Do You Like Wednesday?

Kio visited actual sites from some How Do You Like Wednesday? Specials. The first tweet shows one of 12 bridges featured, and the second is Suigou Sawara Ayame Park.

Kio got to use a line from How Do You Like Wednesday? on someone who was unfamiliar with the show. 

Kio thanks a fan for sharing a Monthly Newtype video about manga in 2008, the height of one of the host’s teen years. Genshiken and Spotted Flower both get mentioned briefly. (See 23m45s in the video below.)

[embedded content]

Kio later tweets about the video separately, commenting that he likes how writer and host Mafia Kajita says that Spotted Flower has had one hell of a development.

As Kio sees artists tweeting about whether they got into Comiket or not, he is working on his (unrelated) erotic doujinshi. He’s been drawing but also cutting content out, so even though he’s drawn 30 pages, it feels like only the beginning.

Art from the first anime’s DVD box set; this one is for Volume 2. Lots of comments about Kitagawa from fans.

Kio responds to a commenter pointing out Kitagawa approaching from the rear by saying that she would definitely not be walking lightly.

Kio also feels some sympathy for Kitagawa being called “Athlete’s Foot Senpai” by the fans.

“You! Genshiken!” is a common refrain in the Genshiken anime from Kitagawa.

Kio also comments to a person wishing for tons of Genshiken spin-offs that such a thing might’ve happened if Genshiken came out today.

A few comments about how good Ohno looks too.

Kio telling everyone who watched the Newtype special above that the newest Spotted Flower chapter is available in Rakuen magazine.

Kio says that the daughter in Spotted Flower being named Saki kind of solidifies it as being a different world from Genshiken.

Working on his new ero doujinshi seems to be an endless task. It includes things like fretting over which erotic sound effects to use, like “guchu” vs “gucho.”

The horny work has also gone from 50 pages to 100. (I sometimes think about how Ogiue’s workrate is probably a reference to Kio’s own.)

Kio also restored some pages that were previously cut, specifically about a mom getting embarrassed.

Kio’s tablet pen broke, and then when he got a new one, he realized it was the wrong kind.

While a new pen was in the mail, Kio broke out the PS5.

Kio has been playing Elden Ring and primarily sneaking around. He comments that despite appearances, he is in fact not playing the ninja game Tenchu.

Kio enjoyed Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse despite having not seen Into the Spider-Verse. He thanks a fan for sending a link to the prequel.

The new tablet pen arrived, but Kio is still playing Elden Ring.

Kio got picked for a live viewing of the newest How Do You Like Wednesday? DVD.

Tenchu is one of his favorite games from the PlayStation era, and the movement in Elden Ring reminds him a lot of it.

Kio, after getting his ass kicked by the boss Margit in Elden Ring, goes back to drawing ero manga. He likes how he can just skip bosses and explore elsewhere in an open world game.

Komaki from Kujibiki Unbalance on the back cover of Genshiken Volume 5.

Kio comments that his characters tend to have some plumpness to them.

Kio defeated Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring with the help of a strategy site. He didn’t realize you had to fight it on horseback.

Kio got through 63 pages of his ero manga manuscript, but is setting it aside to get some of his professional work done. Apparently, the next part is the climax.

He also keeps adding hearts to the end of dialogue in his regular work out of habit due to spending all that time creating smut.

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