Kenny Segal to Release ‘Kenstrumentals Vol. 4’

Veteran hip-hop producer Kenny Segal has announced the fourth instalment his Kenstrumentals series, scheduled for October 16 release on Dome of Doom.

Kenstrumentals is a beat tape series launched in 2013. The latest edition, Travelog, came in 2018, reflecting on Segal’s travels through New Zealand and Taiwan. “I saw and experienced a lot of crazy stuff and its definitely influenced the music I’ve been making lately,” Segal explained.

For the fourth instalment, Segal draws upon the instrumentals from his recent projects with rappers Hemlock Ernst (Back at the House), Serengeti (Ajai), and R.A.P. Ferreira (Purple Moonlight Pages). There are various alternate versions, each bringing fresh takes to the beats you thought you knew.

Rounding out the tape are a few new beats, including a head nodding collaboration with his Jefferson Park Boys cohort Mike Parvizi, entitled “corduroy shorts,” as well as a remix of young piano prodigy Jamael Dean’s song “Akamara.”

“The past year and a half have been non stop with the rap album releases,” Segal says. “I’ve had so much on my plate that this instalment of Kenstrumentals is really just me catching up to get some of my favorite instrumentals off my recent works out to the world.”

On mastering duties is Daddy Kev.


01. Elaine [VIP dub]
02. Jamael Dean “Akamara” [Segal Remix]
03. NONCIPHER [dub]
04. Jueles Trunk [VIP dub]
05. Jargonne [dub]
06. Slabs [dub]
07. Collab [VIP dub]
08. North To South [VIP dub]
09. Romantic Paris [dub]
10. movienight
11. Stone Soup [VIP dub]
12. Ajai [dub]
13. Bless The Fire [dub]
14. Ajai Epilogue [dub]
15. Company Softball [dub]
16. Check Kenny [dub]
17. last days
18. Down [dub]
19. corduroy shorts
20. PINBALL [dub]
21. Addicted Youth [dub]

Kenstrumentals Vol. 4: a lot on my plate LP is scheduled for October 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “corduroy shorts” via the player below and pre-order here.

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