Keenen Hatton Brings Us His Latest Tune “Be Ye Free”

"Be Ye Free" is an observation of the current state of society from the perspective of a young family man. From police shootings to the mass hysteria perpetrated by the media, a father ponders how this world will impact his daughter, as he begs for her to be free by choosing faith even as the world chooses fear. "Ain’t that easy as can be oh baby?" A passionate and pure plea from the perspective of someone who is still trying to be free.


Born in Brooklyn,NY and raised under the Gospel sounds of Bridgeport,CT, Keenen Hatton was a young audio engineer with aspirations of one day taking the stage and having his voice heard, loved and enjoyed.


With his tough love for music, his wife’s concrete constructive criticism and the enthusiasm of his best friend E, Keenen Hatton has discovered his destiny as an audio engineer turned artist. With a voice and style likened to an Andre 3000 of OutKast, an ear for fresh sound likened to Pharrell of N.E.R.D, and a lyrical prowess of his own, Keenen believes his mission in life is to carry the musical torch forward while inspiring others to become the artists they dream.


Stream "Be Ye Free" below:

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