Kaskade Comments on the Lack of Live Sets on Spotify

Spotify is a great music streaming app. And they are winning in a lot of categories. They offer a blend feature to combine your music algorithms with your friends. There is a “whats new feed” that introduces its users to new music. And they have more podcast listeners than anyone, with exclusive rights to the Joe Rogan Experience, which is currently number one. Outside of the United States you can even access DJ mixes. However, when it comes to live sets, they’re not up to snuff.

In response to a fan, Kaskade tweeted yesterday that Spotify does not put up LIVE shows, unless all the songs played have been cleared by their copyrighting department. This is where Apple stands out. Apple does have live sets on their platform. Kaskade’s July performance in Los Angeles was one of the championed sets that set off the launch of the Live Sets feature mid September.

Kaskade seems to be hopeful that Spotify will change their tune and bring Live Sets to their platform in the near future. Time will tell.

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