Judges Confused as Figure Skater Performs Routine to DJ Snake Music

Judges Confused as Figure Skater Performs Routine to DJ Snake Music
Figure skating has always been seen as a peaceful and gentle sport. When we think figure skating, we picture a skater wearing a skimpy outfit elegantly grazing the ice and performing a routine to classical music. At this year’s US Nationals, one skater approached his routine differently. Figure skater out Great Neck, New York, Jimmy Ma, chose very interesting music to perform his routine to. Being the complete opposite classical gentle music, the 22 year old, decided to perform to DJ Snake‘s ‘Propaganda‘ and ‘Turn Down For What‘.

Selecting DJ Snake to perform a routine to was so unique that the commentators could not stop rambling about it. From initially calling it “rap music” to then calling it “house music”, the commentators seemed to be more captivated by the music than the routine itself. However, the commentators were not the only ones intrigued by the music as the audience grooved to the upbeat music as well. The routine itself was a bit confusing with a lot stiff movements opposed to the usual gentle swaying figure skating. Nonetheless, Jimmy Ma has demonstrated a whole new side to the sport and one that we hope to see more .  Hopefully this inspires other figure skaters to perform their routines to unorthodox music.

Although the routine didn’t achieve the highest score on the scoreboards, Ma definitely won many new fans with his performance. You can check out the full routine below.

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