Jon Vinyl Drops an Acoustic Rendition of “Addicted”

Toronto R&B artist Jon Vinyl returns with an acoustic rendition of his popular tune from 2019 titled "Addicted." Performing at the Montreal En Lumiere Festival back in February, Jon blessed the fans with an acoustic version of the 2019 tune. Following the positive response from the crowd, the team decided to strip the track down to acoustic guitar, bass and add a third verse. And damn does it sound good.


Jon explained, "It ended up connecting really well with my fans in attendance and it naturally became one of the highlights of my set. Immediately after, we knew we had to release it."


Listen to "Addicted" below and let us know what you think of the track. Do you prefer the original or the acoustic?


Notorious Lyrics:


Sitting here wondering where this will go

Am I better off running wild or would you prefer taking it slow?

Timid girl black dress with her hair tied back just how I like it

Miracle hourglass shape lady is this perfect timing?


- @jon.vinyl

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