Joakim breaks out his Cray76 moniker for a new deviant dance record

The illustrious French electronic artist has reverted to his house and techno moniker Cray76 for a new “100% dance record” titled ‘Play Harder’.

Scheduled for March 16 his Crowdspacer imprint - a label he created for his club oriented productions - the 12 track release is a compilation previously released, vinyl-only tunes that he has decided to share with a larger audience. Along with a number alternate versions and new, exclusive tracks he created for the compilation, Joakim’s production as Cray76 showcases a deep understanding unadulterated club energy.

“Cray76 is about my love dance music and club culture,a tribute to the raw and essential energy early house and techno, in my own twisted way,” Joakim explains. “I like to call it dent dance because club music is an extremely codified genre and codes are fun to twist.”

Ahead this release, Joakim has thrown together an amusing and spasmodic video teaser that shows f these top-notch dancefloor oriented releases.

Check out the album teaser below.

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