Japan’s Yuko Iwata Delivers Debut Album on Butter Sessions

Australian label Butter Sessions has released the debut album from Japanese producer Yuzo Iwata.

Other than single-track contributions, remixes, and singles as Fabio Lazaro and Almost East since 2015, Iwata has kept a reasonably low output. He’s most strongly affiliated with Junki Inoue’s SAISEI label, where he’s been editing pioneering early Japanese techno from the likes of Suzukiski for re-release. 

Now, after releasing “Acid House” on Butter Sessions’ Come Together 12” back in 2020, he’s back with his first full-length.

The 10 tracks galvanise his growing studio reputation, exploring an eclectic array of tempos and genres from ambient textures and field recordings to broken dancehall rhythms, dub, and techno.


01. Crux
02. Neverland
03. Funclub
04. Humid Gathering
05. Shadow of the Rock
06. Heroes Show Up Late
07. Gamelion
08. Sundance
09. Ancient Tape
10. Time 2 L

Kaizu LP is available now. You can order the album here and stream it in full via the player below.

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