Ivan Dorn Releases Powerful and Imaginative New Video For “Preach”

Ivan Dorn - a household name in Ukraine and Russia - drops a new imaginative and compelling music video for Preach”. This track comes off Ivan’s latest album OTD which showcases an experimental fusion of genres - having the so called soviet funk flavor to it.
The video in question is split up into three “sermons” and exhibits different scenes of people afflicted with the shameless pursuit of riches. Throughout the video you remain fixated on Ivan’s raw intensity which adds an even more captivating edge to the video.
This powerful video showcases Ivan’s artistry and his ability to create something that is completely his own. This release follows Ivan’s critically-acclaimed videos for tracks Beverley and Collaba released last year.
Check out the video for yourself below.
Also, OTD is now available -- have a listen and get as hooked as I am.

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